Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Back But Doing Things Differently

I am going to try and resurrect this Blog.  I want a different spin on it.  I haven't posted in a long time because after posting on Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram and Meetup, it seemed redundant.

I want to write some things down because I know that my kids are not listening to me.  I want to get them ready for life own their own.  They sort of tune me out when I try to show them and easier way of doing things, tricks, a family recipe, memory, pattern or story.  This idea came about while I was making some soup this afternoon.  They crave this soup.  They insist on having some when they are sick.  They are young adults now so they have come to realize that it works for hangovers too.

I have attempted to show them how to make it, but they kind of tune me out saying, "I know, I know...".  They don't know.  I even use mom guilt like: "When I die, you won't know how to make it."

I am also going to me a grandmother soon.  I feel as though I should write some things down so they are remembered, maybe even treasured. I have very few things from my mother.  This actually hurts me sometimes...  I don't want my children to feel the same way.  I worry that I will forget some of her recipes in my later years and that they will end with me. 

My mother-in-law Pat is and has always been very loving and kind.  She shared so many things with me when I married her son and while I was a young mother.  She helped shape who I am today. She settled me down,  made me see what family could be like.  It was not what I was used to. 

Well anyway, there so many things that I would like to write down and save. I thought I would share them with you as well as my children.

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